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ADRI Working Paper Series

The Asian Demographic Research Institute (ADRI) at Shanghai University aims to play a leading role in Asia for comprehensively investigating the population dynamics and addressing its socioeconomic and environmental implications in a comparative manner. In the early 2016, it started serve as the headquarter of the Asian MetaCenter for Population and Sustainable Development Analysis which provides a platform for Asian regional collaboration of research and training. The International Post-Graduate Program for Population and Sustainable Development at Master and PhD levels offers courses and training opportunities in both English and Chinese for Chinese and international students. Research at ADRI is fundamental and lays a scientic basis for the formulation of appropriate population and sustainable development policies. The academic work of ADRI is disseminated in the form of book, journal articles, teaching texts, research reports, monographs, and working papers. The ADRI Working Paper series includes academic works by ADRI faculty members, post-graduate students, adjunct and visiting fellows. It aims to provide a forum for work in progress which seeks to elicit comments and generate discussions.

ADRI Working Papers are available in electronic format at