Hands-on workshop on modeling and projecting sub-national population trends

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The Asian MetaCentre organized two Workshops at ADRI during 2017. Participants from more than 20 countries from around the world came to Shanghai University during 7-11 April and 19-12 June of 2017.

Hands-on workshop on modeling and projecting sub-national population trends

7-11 April 2017 at ADRI (Shanghai University)

This Asian MetaCentre training workshop focused on the analysis of recent trends in subnational (provincial) populations stratified by age, sex, education and urban/rural place of residence, and on developing alternative scenarios for the future following the Shared Socioeconomic Pathways’ narratives and Sustainable Development Goals’ (SDG) scenarios.

More than 25 participants from primarily from Asia focused on developing country/region specific population models in Bangladesh, China, Hong Kong, India, Indonesia, Iran, Nepal, Pakistan, Philippines, Sri Lanka, and Thailand. The workshop focused on demographic and data issues in each country followed by an introduction to the methodology of multistate demography. Leading international scholars Asia (Samir KC) and Europe (Marcus Wurzer, Markus speringer) gave lectures providing overviews of this model.  A hands-on training session with an R-package (MSDem, Multistate Demography) was conducted. The results are expected to be of high policy relevance for national and sub-national planning in the countries concerned. All the costs were covered by ADRI.