ADRI Professor Guy Abel to attend IFMS conference and conduct workshop in Cairo

At the invitation of The Second International Forum on Migration Statistics (IFMS), professor Guy Abel will attend the forum in Cairo, January 19-21, 2020.

The aim of this conference is to improve the collection and analysis of migration data worldwide through an interdisciplinary approach.

The second IFMS will explore innovative ways to measure population mobility and to generate timely statistics; by bringing together a broad range of participants to share and discuss new data initiatives and examples of success in the field of migration data. The Forum will also provide a unique opportunity for policy-makers to have direct contact with migration data experts and to use their expertise for policy evaluations and to identify best policy options.

The forum consists of six sessions. Professor Guy Abel will participate in the session entitled “Strengthening data for policy: ensuring effective data communication and examining existing gaps in migration statistics to determine what is needed to address policy concerns.”. Professor Ellen Percy Kraly of Colgate University will chair this session.

In addition to the forum, Professor Guy Abel will conduct a one-day training workshop entitled “IUSSP workshop on Estimating Migration with R.”. This workshop will introduce techniques to visualize demographic data with the ggplot2 package and illustrates methods to estimate migration in a variety of missing data situations and their implementation in R.