President of Shanghai University met with IIASA scholars

On October 11, Dr. Liu Changsheng, the President of Shanghai University, gave the welcoming remarks at the opening session of the Second Asian Population Forum.

Before his remarks, he met with scholars from The International Institute for Applied Systems Analysis (IIASA), based in Vienna, Austria , who came to Shanghai University to attend the Second Asian Population Forum.

The delegates from IIASA includeds Professor. Wolfgang Lutz, Director of the IIASA World Population Program, Dr. Yoshihide Wada, Director of the IIASA Water Program, and Raya Muttarak, Deputy Director of the IIASA World Population Program. Professor Lutz and other IIASA guests congratulated Shanghai University on its success in establishing and developing ADRI and expressed their ongoing intention to assist and collaborate with ADRI and other scholars at Shanghai University.

President Liu expressed his appreciation for the strong support ADRI has receiveds from IIASA collaborators and stated that Shanghai University would provide further support for developing ADRI’s work to bridge the natural and social sciences and carry out multidisciplinary research and training on population and sustainable development. Former research scholars at IIASA and now professors at ADRI at Shanghai University also attended the meeting, including Leiwen Jiang, Samir KC, Guy Able, and Guillaume Marois. Shanghai University Professor. Yuzhao Liu also attended and represented the School of Sociology and Political Sciences.