Training Workshop 3 :Methods in developing sub-national population and human capital models and its applications

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Dates: Oct. 13-17, 2019, Shanghai, China

Host: Asian Demographic Research Institute (ADRI), Shanghai University

Tutor: Samir KC


In this workshop, we will use examples from the global population to sub-national projection. We will use Excel-VBA and R during the course.


Practical hands-on exercises will be emphasized throughout the workshop to build up participants Excel-VBA and R experience. Prior knowledge of basics in R is necessary and participants should be comfortable using computers to handle data sets in statistical software (such as SPSS or Stata) and spreadsheets (such as Excel). The workshop will last for five days, with a tentative schedule for each day from Oct 13th to 17th:

  1. Introduction to various methods in developing sub-national population and human capital models starting with setting a national level cohort component model in Excel-VBA
  2. Setting the model in R and introduction to multi-dimensional projection model by adding educational attainment to the national level model in Excel-VBA
  3. Discuss issues and methods in dealing with the estimation of fertility, mortality, and migration by education and other sources of heterogeneity (e.g., living arrangement, sub-national levels, rural-urban place of residence, and so on). Setting the multi-dimensional model in R.
  4. Developing future scenarios (e.g., medium, high, and low variants; SDGs; Policy scenarios) and projecting the population.
  5. Visualizing and packaging for the users and the policymakers showing 2-3 applications of a sub-national population dynamics model in health, education, and labor force participation.

Participants will gain experience in each of these areas through lectures interspersed with practical computing exercises. Besides the experience of handling data using statistical software, participants should also have a basic knowledge of demography, mathematics, and statistics

Deadline of application: July 15, 2019

Please apply through:

Contact: Yu Zhang,

Tel: 00 86 21 6613 2080

Address: No. 99 Shangda Road, Shanghai, China