Two young Indian scholars won the Best Paper Award

During the Second Asian Population Forum held by ADRI, two young scholars received Awards for Best Paper on Asian Population Research sponsored by the Asian Population Research Foundation (APRF). The APRF was established in 2017 with generous support from Professor Baochang Gu, who donated to ADRI the monetary prize (RMB 400,000) he received from the China Software Sciences Award. The APRF Board decided to offer the Best Paper Award to young scholars whose papers are accepted by the Asian Population Forum to be presented at either the oral sessions or the poster session.

The selection committee chaired by Professor Gu reviewed all the 20 or so papers submitted to participate in the competition for the Award and decided to give the awards to two papers: (1) Spatial modeling of child malnutrition attributable to drought condition prevailing across the districts of India by Shaw Subhojit et al., and (2) Education or economic status? Comparing their relative effect on prime age adult death in India using longitudinal survey by Moradhvaj et al.

The Best Paper Award can help to encourage more young scholars and students to engage in research on Asian populations and sustainable development.